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iBet789 Myanmar provide the most exciting sports betting events like the World Cup, EURO, English Premier League, E-sports, and others. May the sports betting odds be with you.

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Live casino games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Sic Bo are live broadcasted. iBet789 Myanmar gives players the most complete gambling experience.

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iBet789 Myanmar Lottery provides online platform to bet on popular 4D game such as Magnum 4D, Pan Malaysian Pools, Sports Toto and much more.

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iBet789 Myanmar

No.1 Online Betting Site in Myanmar

iBet789 is your ultimate online sports betting site that provides players with the most exciting sports games and matches from all over the globe. With the best odds and the quickest settlement time in the online casino industry, iBet789 is the biggest and most trusted sports betting platform in Asia such as Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia, licensed by the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Besides Sports Betting, iBet789 Myanmar is the first Live Casino in Asia to provide live dealer experience from the land-based casino. Next, iBet789 Myanmar also offers online Lottery & Keno for players to place bet on their lucky number.

Betting with iBet789 Myanmar Sports Betting is easy to begin, all you need to do is create a free account and choose your favourite payment method to make a successful deposit, and you’re good to go!

ibet789 online betting

Online Betting on iBet789 Myanmar

iBet789 Myanmar has broken the boundaries of traditional betting and made gambling accessible to anyone who desires it. We have taken a modern approach to the game and invested in high-end tech to ensure players have an exceptional experience. This state-of-the-art technology enables iBet789 to support millions of users worldwide. As a result, iBet789 Myanmar always provide secure and stable services whether you’re playing on a desktop or mobile device. Now, with just a few easy steps, anyone can join this fantastic platform and experience online betting like never before. Follow these steps to start online betting with iBet789:

Step 1 Register

Click on Join Now to go to register page to fill up your name and phone number to register a iBet789 member or agent account.

Step 2 Verification
To verify if the number given is valid, our customer service staff will call you for verification purposes within 10 minutes. If you select Viber as the primary contact, we will send you an SMS via Viber.

Step 3 Deposit

You may select one of the available payment methods to deposit money into your iBet789 account. We accept money transfers from WavePay, KBZ Pay, AYA Bank, KBZ Bank, Yoma Bank, CB Bank, and USDT (TRC & ERC).

Step 4 Win

When you wager and win money, you can withdraw your winnings from your iBet789 account anytime. The requested winning balance will be safely transferred to your bank account.

banking method

Banking methods for iBet789

iBet789 Myanmar offers the most popular payment methods, for example, ATM Transfer, Cash Deposit, and i-Banking. The banks that support iBet789 payments include KBZ Bank, Aya Bank, CB Bank, Wave Pay, Crypto USDT, and KBZ Pay. These banks are highly trustable and secure in Myanmar, so you don’t need to worry when depositing. What’s more, iBet789 makes money transfer quick, convenient, and, most importantly, secure. No matter what payment or banking method you choose to use, you can be sure that every transaction is safe and that your valuable deposits are wired to your iBet789 betting account plus bonus money.
iBet789 Myanmar consistently assures players of an entertaining experience without compromising on safety. With fast and reliable service, iBet789 deposits your money securely into your betting account in three to five minutes. There is no limit on the amount you can deposit; whether you are depositing a small sum for casual gameplay or a larger amount to follow up with your favourite Manchester United match, we guarantee fast and convenient service. Rest assured that all transactions remain 100% safe, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the unmatched gambling experience we offer.

withdraw winning from ibet789

Withdraw win from iBet789 Myanmar Account

iBet789 members and agents can request a withdrawal within 24-hours service. You are guaranteed to receive your winnings within 10 minutes once your request is approved. Withdrawing your winnings at iBet789.com.mm is simple, convenient, and fast. We strive to make it as stress-free as possible, recording your bank name and account details. This makes future withdrawals even more accessible. You won’t need to repeat your payment information every time you request a withdrawal. More remarkably, we partner with Yangon’s most trusted bank and payment methods. If you are an iBet789 VIP member and need to cash out over 10,000,000 MMK per day, we will transfer your withdrawal amount instantly. Whether you are lucky enough to win a massive mix parlay ticket or hit the big win with a Baccarat game, iBet789 Myanmar will transfer all your winnings without making you wait.
Thanks to our large-based team, we are the best real money sports betting and casino gambling platform in Myanmar. We can make the process of withdrawing your winnings simple, efficient, and incredibly fast. iBet789 exclusively offers an unlimited amount on withdrawal, and we ensure the most reliable and fastest withdrawal service at all times. Up to 2023, iBet789 has employed over 100 customer service staff to stand by and assist our members and agents 24/7 through Telegram, Viber, SMS, Phone Calls, or Live Chat. With years of dedication and experience, iBet789 provides first-rate online service where members and agents can feel secure to invest their trust in a long-term relationship with the platform. iBet789 Myanmar team has dedicated to delivering quality online service without any bugs. Every day, the iBet789 operation team works diligently to create the best gaming experience for members and agents. From customer relations to safety concerns, iBet789 commits to providing an organised and prompt service that allows us to prioritise players’ satisfaction.

win real money cash

Start winning money from Online Betting in Myanmar

At iBet789 Myanmar, our mission is to provide an entertainment experience filled with excitement and the highest possibility of winning real money! If you’re looking to win it big, however, it’s important to remember that selecting a game you are familiar with helps increase your chances of winning. iBet789 features a variety of real money games, ranging from sports betting matches like Premier League and Serie A to popular card games such as Baccarat and Roulette. Pick the game that best suits your betting style, and remember to keep your bets within your budget. iBet789 accept bets ranging from 1,000MMK or up to 2 million each game. Therefore, with an iBet789 account, players have the chance to take hold of their potential winnings by following THREE METHODS as follows:

Method 1: 
Claim our welcome bonus when you register for an account with us. When making your first deposit with us, you can only claim this bonus once.

Method 2: 
Make the best use of the free bonus cash that you claim to increase the higher chance of winning by using free money to earn winning bets.

Method 3: 
Win big by wagering on sports betting matches, Live Casino games such as Baccarat so you can both have fun and make profits.

ibet789 products

Other Ibet789 Myanmar Online Betting Products

Deemed the most trusted online bookmaker, iBet789 also offers other popular online casino games. They include world-class Sexy Baccarat, Regular Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Fan Tan, Jackpot Lottery, and Keno. Thanks to its massive range of gambling products, iBet789 is the best real money online betting platform in Myanmar. With a reputation as the most trusted online bookmaker, they offer the complete package in the one-stop destination. Likewise, you can enjoy premium lottery and Keno betting around the clock. All the games are brought to life by the latest technology and the best software providers in the business. Moreover, iBet789 Sexy Baccarat and Regular Baccarat offer beautiful Asian-style gaming that is designed and operated under Macau Casino. The atmosphere is made even more compelling by the sound effects that help create an immersive environment. Players can also enjoy various bet options, allowing for greater chances of winning big.

Adding to that beautiful backdrop are the live dealers. They are happy and professional at all times, creating an unparalleled experience for all guests at the casino tables. More remarkably, iBet789 is the best self-hosted real money live casino in Myanmar, and Roulette is just one of the most popular games. There are two types of Roulette tables for players to choose from. Each with a maximum payout of 36 times if you bet on the correct single number. Likewise, iBet789 members can have the assurance of wagering on a standard wheel with professional croupiers and the best odd payouts.

Trusted Payment Methods

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iBet789 Myanmar Profile

Welcome to iBet789 Myanmar, the leading online casino and sports betting brand since 2011! iBet789 consistently offers an excellent range of gambling products that all Burmese gamblers desire for real money betting. As an iBet789 member, you can log into your betting account. Then you can access premium Sports Betting, high-class Live Casinos, popular Lottery, and Keno. Accepting a minimum deposit of 10,000MMK, iBet789 also allows Burmese bettors access to a high-rolling real money account for all games. You can bet one million kyats or above per match/game. More importantly, iBet789 members and agents will instantly receive the most reliable support from our 24-hour friendly customer service.
Within the iBet789 site, we commit to delivering a modern experience and an organised layout. As a result, our platform can stand out from the competition in the long run. In addition, iBet789 site attentively focuses on designing the betting style that benefits Myanmar players. For this reason, we have added a new product. It specifically allows Burmese bettors to wager on Myanmar Parlay and Myanmar odds on all sports markets. Boasting more than ten years of successful operations since 2011, iBet789 Myanmar provides online Burmese customers with premium betting styles that are simple and classy to navigate. This will surely exceed Burmese gamblers’ expectations. Besides, iBet789 grants an exclusive welcome bonus to all new players who make their first deposit. The reward amount surges up to 300,000MMK per new player. Both iBet789 new and existing members can use the free money to enjoy newly added features and products at our site. iBet789 is a brand that you can always trust in Myanmar!

Online Sports Betting Myanmar

iBet789 Online Sports Betting offers a wide range of sports events every week. We cover all major soccer leagues such as English Premier League, UEFA, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, etc. Besides, iBet789 Myanmar guaranteed all players immediate winning confirmation, super-fast payout, and live score updates. In addition, iBet789 players can enjoy fully-fledged live Mix Parlay, allowing you to bet on running balls with Asian handicaps. You can stream live TV 24/7 for free on your mobile smartphones, desktops, and tablets. The good news is you can create the bet that you want. With the new feature of Myanmar Parlay, you can combine two or more markets from one event and make it into a Combo bet or Mix Parlay. You are guaranteed to bet with high-value thanks to exclusive price boosts and the best Myanmar odds on selected markets that iBet789 operators have made especially for you.
You can check live odds and scroll down to league and matches without logging in. Undoubtedly, iBet789 Sportsbook is the perfect place for sports betting enthusiasts in Myanmar. We broadly cover all major soccer leagues and many international sporting events. iBet789 Myanmar odd is one of the best features among the country’s most competitive bookmakers. Anyone can wager on iBet789 sports with a starting bet of 1000 kyats per match. Moreover, iBet789 Sports offers high convenience regardless of your type of device. And tickets are accepted quickly and easily. Of the efforts we have put into sports markets and the high-end technology we use, iBet789, until the present day, is still one of Asia’s trusted online gaming brands since 2011.

The First Self-Hosted Online Live Casino

iBet789 Myanmar is the first online live casino in Asia to provide a live dealer experience from their land-based casino. As the company grows tremendously within over ten years, iBet789 has developed to host their live casino halls with more than 100 workers on live dealer operation. At iBet789 live casino, you can play over 20 online tables with charming Asian live dealers. You can select live game sections. They range from Sexy Baccarat, Baccarat, Baccarat Super 6, Baccarat Insurance, Fantan, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Xoc Dia, and Sic Bo. We have recently invented the Color Game which is similar to Sic Bo but comes with different color betting. They include Pink, White, Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue. Each color represents number 1,2,3,4,5,6, respectively. The minimum payout is 1:1 while the maximum payout 1:150.
With the aim of providing the best online live casino experience, iBet789 Myanmar is your premier gambling destination. We stand out from the competition by utilizing modern technology and professional croupiers to offer Burmese and Asian players a fully-optimized gameplay experience. Baccarat lovers can bet on two Sexy Baccarat tables and six regular Baccarat tables with low and high bet limits. More impressively, each live dealer game delivers an eye-catching bet table design, which clearly shows the bet amount and payout in each section. The dedicated and premium casino halls have enabled the live gaming platform to quickly gain more than 3502 active live casino players. It has become the fastest-growing live casino brand in the region.

Most Favourable iBet789 Agent Program 

iBet789 agent program aims to create the most valuable referrals and incentives by compensating a long-term income (unlimited commission) to our agents. iBet789 Myanmar highly values the work that agents have provided us, which is the active referred members. Once you start referring players to iBet789, your referral will become your lifetime benefit. For this reason, agents gain monthly commissions with unlimited payout amounts. The commission emerges from referred players’ total turnover. This means once the referred members start betting at iBet789 Myanmar, the commission will unlimitedly accumulate in the agent’s pocket. Since iBet789 features a Myanmar betting style, Burmese agents are guaranteed to find it easier to earn potential players in Myanmar. As the program has enticed hundreds of agents, we have decided to expand the program. We have given this money-earning opportunity to our new and existing players who have potential gamblers in hand and want to earn unlimited incentives.
Become an iBet789 Myanmar agent, and the various financial benefits await you. As an agent, you will earn a stable income by bringing active players to our platform. You can work anywhere from your home, office, and anywhere that can get you a lifetime commission without taking risks. The iBet789 agent program offers free enrollment, supportive agent customer service, and monthly compensation. As a result, iBet789 is the number-one brand that belongs to every Myanmar sports bettor and gambler. Approach us anytime for online agent service, and we promise to give any tiny detail to get you started off the ground and earn long-term income. iBet789 Myanmar team is dedicated to guiding every new and existing agent from incentive program selection, iBet789 agent login, and member management.