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iBet789 is offering a variety of sports events and soccer events with great betting odds.
You can enjoy and experience 1st hand of our betting odds demostration here.

iBet789 Offer The Best Ever Sports Betting In Myanmar

iBet789 Myanmar sports betting focuses on providing the best online sportsbook gaming experience to all our players. We also strive to enhance, innovate, and excellent in order to be the best online sports betting in Myanmar.

Beside, iBet789 Myanmar has provided Myanmar Odds to all the major sports events such as English Premier League, UEFA, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and etc. Therefore, iBet789 able to gained its popularity to all the Burmese in such a short period of time.

Let’s start experience the best online sports betting in Myanmar by creating a free account with us.
In addition, you will receive a 50% welcome bonus once you had made a successful deposit with iBet789 Myanmar.

Sports event on iBet789 Myanmar Sports Betting

All the major sports events from FIFA World Cup, UEFA, UCL to English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga are cover by iBet789 Myanmar sports betting site.

You can choose your favourite matches and make your lucky bet according to the sports betting available on iBet789 Myanmar Sports Betting Odds. Don’t ever missed out to bet as every matches are great opportunities for you to win big for your great fortune!

Furthermore, players will be rewarded with a sportsbook deposit bonus on every deposit. With this bonus, you are one step closer to your glory victories to become richer!

Tip & strategies to win in Myanmar Sports Betting

To win on sports betting, you will need to understand the overall trends happening between the teams and players.

In football, the head to head record is an important key factor, especially the last five matches. There a lot of statistics out there can look at when deciding the kind of bet to place. Do take note on these information as it can help you to win great prizes easier!

We always sincere and earnest to wish you good luck in sports betting and cheer for you on your fantastic winning!

iBet789’s Odds for Myanmar Sports Betting

iBet789 does provide Myanmar Odds to all sports events available in the sports betting site. Not only Myanmar Odds but iBet789 also provides up to 10 markets for every sports event.

iBet789 always offered with players with attractive odds to bet on. All you need to do is choose your favourite matches with greats odds, then make a bet on it. By taking this 1st step, your great fortune will no longer far away from you!

Luck & skills for Myanmar Sports Betting

Sports betting is about making profits from predicting which team wins or loses. Both luck and skills are required. A person cannot be always winning, but a skillful player will always have the upper hand against players that gamble for fun.

Why winning a sports bet does not rely solely on skills, but need some luck as well? This is because the outcomes of the competition are always unpredictable. In matches that have lower scores margin, luck will become an important factor especially if there are a lot of players participating in the bet.

We can improve our online betting skills as luck is not the main deciding factor. Most people have a short-term mindset when it comes to sports betting. They will either take home a large sum of money or lose a lot of money. In the long run, only the more skillful players (mastered 80% of the technique) can make profits from sports betting sites.

iBet789 Sportsbook Features an Ultimate Home of 5000 Daily Sports Events

Sport is our life at iBet789 Myanmar. We don’t miss a shot, stroke, or tackle, and we make sure you won’t. From football betting to tennis betting, iBet789 Myanmar sports has you covered with all the latest odds, lines, and props. Over 5000 daily matches are available for iBet789 Myanmar members with incredible Myanmar odd values. Betting allows you to predict events like never before. From picking the winner between Arsenal and Manchester United to how many goals there’ll be in the match, to 100s of quirky live betting options, to complex Asian betting handicaps. Whatever kind of sports bet you fancy, it’s all here.
iBet789 Myanmar also offers one of Asia’s most innovative and captivating sports betting platforms. Per our website, offers are refreshed daily, bringing new and thrilling ways to win. Also, iBet789 sports continuously strives to provide a unique betting experience created to suit Asian markets. Our site features daily updates with many opportunities to help bettors win big. iBet789 Myanmar Sportsbook is the perfect choice for sports fans and gamblers looking for an organised yet exciting way to place bets while enjoying quality customer service and bonuses.
iBet789 Sports is the go-to place for those looking to capitalize on some of the best odds in sports betting. iBet789 Myanmar particularly offers a wide range of sporting events, giving bettors plenty of options to choose from and wager on. iBet789 Myanmar Sports goes beyond simply offering early sports betting odds. With fantastic early odds, you will catch an excellent payout. We also provide detailed and comprehensive stats on every match, team, player, and head-to-head matchup — an invaluable resource for any savvy iBet789 sports bettors. With iBet789 Myanmar’s unbeatable selection of sporting events and fantastic early betting odds, you have everything you need to get ahead and reap a great payout!

iBet789 Football Betting Offers Fully-Fledged Selection of Football Matches and Betting Markets

iBet789 sports offers football fans an unmatched betting selection regarding international matches and markets. iBet789 Myanmar seasonally provides bettors with a wide variety of choices from prestigious leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, UEFA Champions League, English Ligue 1, and much more. iBet789 football betting also offers a fully-fledged selection of matches featuring all your favourite teams to ensure enriching betting experiences.
iBet789 Myanmar helps bring world-class football right to your fingertips! iBet789 Myanmar brings the excitement of some of the most popular football competitions. Likewise, you can wager on world-famous clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Juventus, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and Borussia Dortmund competing with each other. iBet789 offers a wealth of betting markets for each competition ranging from Asian handicaps, Over/Under, Outright winner, and Correct Score to 1×2 Bet market types. The markets enable bettors to pick their favourite teams and favour their chances to win big.

Bet with iBet789 – Bet with The Highest Myanmar Odd

Myanmar has a diverse range of bookmakers, but they stand out quite differently than iBet789. As the only Myanmar-based sports betting site, iBet789 specifically offers the best Myanmar odd with highly flexible and profitable payout. This enables us to become a number-one choice for Myanmar gamblers. Not only do we provide great value, but our system is incredibly organised, allowing for an effortless experience when placing your bets. Among over 50 bookmakers in Myanmar, iBet789 stands out as Asia’s most trusted and reliable sports betting brand. Therefore, bet with iBet789 Myanmar and get the highest Myanmar Odd. Your bets will get more profitable when it is combined with Myanmar Odd, which gives you at least 5% money back on your single bet. Additionally, Myanmar Favourite provides a collection of Myanmar-market soccer matches tailored to the Myanmar bettors so you can make more informed decisions.

iBet789 Enhances Your Live Betting Experience with 10%-20% Better Odd Payouts

With iBet789 sports betting, odds are constantly changing with the game flow. Refreshed odds and options come out before each half, period, quarter, or set. So there’s always something new to bet live on. It’s fast, furious, and heart-pumping. As an iBet789 member, you will enjoy betting on boosted live betting odds on hundreds of matches. Grab our enhanced odds betting with 10%–20% better payouts than the competitors.

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What are the top Football competitions to bet on iBet789 Myanmar?

Besides Premier League betting, at iBet789 Myanmar sports, players can wager on other popular competitions, such as Italian Serie A, English Football League Cup, English FA Cup, German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, and Ligue 1. You can also choose among competitions such as English League 1 and 2, Portuguese League Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA World Cup.

How can I find the best betting odds at iBet789 Myanmar?

You can search for the best betting odds by looking across different bookmakers such as iBet789, Sbobet, WWbet, WS Sports, and Sportbooks365. This depends on the market you are looking at and the sport you are betting on. Take a look for yourself to find the best possible odds.

What is football in-play (live) betting?

Football’s entertainment comes from its fast-paced and unpredictable nature. The game comes with fortunes turning faster than anyone could have predicted. As we’ve seen in the past, a football match’s outcome may change instantly. This is where live football betting comes into play. With in-play football betting, you may bet on every facet of the game as it happens. Besides, the sophisticated live football betting platform at iBet789 enables you to make informed judgments at every stage of the journey.

How to stream iBet789 sports online?

Streaming online is pretty simple. iBet789 bookmaker specifically lets you watch a host of sports if you are logged into your iBet789 member account. On the right side of each match is a red video icon where you can stream live matches with your mobile or PC at 24/7 service for free.

How to bet on live football?

If you’re ready to start live football betting, we’ll show you how to bet on live football. First, ensure that you are registered and signed into your account on the iBet789 Myanmar website. Then you can view our entire in-play odds via our desktop and mobile sites. To view live betting matches, go to our sportsbook ‘Soccer’ area and click any market options highlighting the red Live button on the right. Then you have a number of wagers to choose from, such as over/under, Double Chance, handicaps, half-time, Mix Parlay, and more.

What are the available live football betting markets at iBet789 Myanmar?

Our live football odds cover a wide range of markets, with all of the top leagues available at your fingertips. At iBet789 Myanmar, our football in-play markets are some of the most extensive. In addition, you’ll find it anywhere, with virtually every professional football fixture available for live betting at your leisure. The markets include Asian Handicaps, Over/Under, Myanmar Parlay, Total Goal, Correct Score, 1×2, and more.

What is the minimum and maximum bet on iBet789 sports?

You can start betting on your favourite sports match for as little as 1000 kyats per event/match. iBet789 Myanmar offers a 1-unit minimum sports bet, which equals 1000MMK. With the iBet789 regular member account, you can wager 1500 units (1,500,000MMK) per match. Therefore, if you want to bet higher, you can upgrade your betting account to VIP and grab exclusive special bonuses.

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iBet789 Myanmar Profile

Welcome to iBet789 Myanmar, the leading online casino and sports betting brand since 2011! iBet789 consistently offers an excellent range of gambling products that all Burmese gamblers desire for real money betting. As an iBet789 member, you can log into your betting account. Then you can access premium Sports Betting, high-class Live Casinos, popular Lottery, and Keno. Accepting a minimum deposit of 10,000MMK, iBet789 also allows Burmese bettors access to a high-rolling real money account for all games. You can bet one million kyats or above per match/game. More importantly, iBet789 members and agents will instantly receive the most reliable support from our 24-hour friendly customer service.
Within the iBet789 site, we commit to delivering a modern experience and an organised layout. As a result, our platform can stand out from the competition in the long run. In addition, iBet789 site attentively focuses on designing the betting style that benefits Myanmar players. For this reason, we have added a new product. It specifically allows Burmese bettors to wager on Myanmar Parlay and Myanmar odds on all sports markets. Boasting more than ten years of successful operations since 2011, iBet789 Myanmar provides online Burmese customers with premium betting styles that are simple and classy to navigate. This will surely exceed Burmese gamblers’ expectations. Besides, iBet789 grants an exclusive welcome bonus to all new players who make their first deposit. The reward amount surges up to 300,000MMK per new player. Both iBet789 new and existing members can use the free money to enjoy newly added features and products at our site. iBet789 is a brand that you can always trust in Myanmar!

Online Sports Betting Myanmar

iBet789 Online Sports Betting offers a wide range of sports events every week. We cover all major soccer leagues such as English Premier League, UEFA, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, etc. Besides, iBet789 Myanmar guaranteed all players immediate winning confirmation, super-fast payout, and live score updates. In addition, iBet789 players can enjoy fully-fledged live Mix Parlay, allowing you to bet on running balls with Asian handicaps. You can stream live TV 24/7 for free on your mobile smartphones, desktops, and tablets. The good news is you can create the bet that you want. With the new feature of Myanmar Parlay, you can combine two or more markets from one event and make it into a Combo bet or Mix Parlay. You are guaranteed to bet with high-value thanks to exclusive price boosts and the best Myanmar odds on selected markets that iBet789 operators have made especially for you.
You can check live odds and scroll down to league and matches without logging in. Undoubtedly, iBet789 Sportsbook is the perfect place for sports betting enthusiasts in Myanmar. We broadly cover all major soccer leagues and many international sporting events. iBet789 Myanmar odd is one of the best features among the country’s most competitive bookmakers. Anyone can wager on iBet789 sports with a starting bet of 1000 kyats per match. Moreover, iBet789 Sports offers high convenience regardless of your type of device. And tickets are accepted quickly and easily. Of the efforts we have put into sports markets and the high-end technology we use, iBet789, until the present day, is still one of Asia’s trusted online gaming brands since 2011.

The First Self-Hosted Online Live Casino

iBet789 Myanmar is the first online live casino in Asia to provide a live dealer experience from their land-based casino. As the company grows tremendously within over ten years, iBet789 has developed to host their live casino halls with more than 100 workers on live dealer operation. At iBet789 live casino, you can play over 20 online tables with charming Asian live dealers. You can select live game sections. They range from Sexy Baccarat, Baccarat, Baccarat Super 6, Baccarat Insurance, Fantan, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Xoc Dia, and Sic Bo. We have recently invented the Color Game which is similar to Sic Bo but comes with different color betting. They include Pink, White, Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue. Each color represents number 1,2,3,4,5,6, respectively. The minimum payout is 1:1 while the maximum payout 1:150.
With the aim of providing the best online live casino experience, iBet789 Myanmar is your premier gambling destination. We stand out from the competition by utilizing modern technology and professional croupiers to offer Burmese and Asian players a fully-optimized gameplay experience. Baccarat lovers can bet on two Sexy Baccarat tables and six regular Baccarat tables with low and high bet limits. More impressively, each live dealer game delivers an eye-catching bet table design, which clearly shows the bet amount and payout in each section. The dedicated and premium casino halls have enabled the live gaming platform to quickly gain more than 3502 active live casino players. It has become the fastest-growing live casino brand in the region.

Most Favourable iBet789 Agent Program 

iBet789 agent program aims to create the most valuable referrals and incentives by compensating a long-term income (unlimited commission) to our agents. iBet789 Myanmar highly values the work that agents have provided us, which is the active referred members. Once you start referring players to iBet789, your referral will become your lifetime benefit. For this reason, agents gain monthly commissions with unlimited payout amounts. The commission emerges from referred players’ total turnover. This means once the referred members start betting at iBet789 Myanmar, the commission will unlimitedly accumulate in the agent’s pocket. Since iBet789 features a Myanmar betting style, Burmese agents are guaranteed to find it easier to earn potential players in Myanmar. As the program has enticed hundreds of agents, we have decided to expand the program. We have given this money-earning opportunity to our new and existing players who have potential gamblers in hand and want to earn unlimited incentives.
Become an iBet789 Myanmar agent, and the various financial benefits await you. As an agent, you will earn a stable income by bringing active players to our platform. You can work anywhere from your home, office, and anywhere that can get you a lifetime commission without taking risks. The iBet789 agent program offers free enrollment, supportive agent customer service, and monthly compensation. As a result, iBet789 is the number-one brand that belongs to every Myanmar sports bettor and gambler. Approach us anytime for online agent service, and we promise to give any tiny detail to get you started off the ground and earn long-term income. iBet789 Myanmar team is dedicated to guiding every new and existing agent from incentive program selection, iBet789 agent login, and member management.